About Us

Browse Safe is to manufacture innovation that could free the web. Investing a great deal of energy in various pieces of the world they saw web restriction, content control and nosy government observation becoming quicker than any time in recent memory. The inclination that the web was losing its principle reason prompted an inquiry of potential arrangements on the best way to defeat every one of the confinements.

Subsequent to setting up the first VPN server and sharing the model among their companions, the makers began getting amazingly positive criticism and were urged to proceed with their work.

Browse Safe VPN name was enlivened by certainty, trust, and development. It reflects how we esteem our client opportunity of decision; how we endeavor to be creative with our innovation and the manner in which we work.

We, at Browse Safe, endeavor to make Tim Berners-Lee's vision of a genuinely open web a reality. Mr. Berners-Lee envisioned the web as an altogether different spot when he executed the principal fruitful HTML correspondence in 1989. It was to be a protected space, free from control and reconnaissance. Lamentably, as features the world over exhibit every day, this is not really the case nowadays.